Top Three Biggest Mistakes Sellers Make

Thinking of selling your home ? Here are my top three biggest mistakes that sellers make when selling their home.

 Number one - they wait until it’s go time to sell her home. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to sit down with sellers and they say “as far as my timeline goes, we need to sell the house …yesterday!” Which we can do the fire drill to get your home on the market but if i were you, I would make sure to give your agent enough time for your agent to work with you on making sure your home is show ready and marking for the home is in place - so you can maximize your value! So make sure you have enough time!

The second biggest mistake sellers make is that they think they can do it themselves or worse they hire a discount broker. Which I can make a whole video over this but instead ill stick to the nitty gritty not this…

Don’t try to do this yourself.

The statics are against you when selling your home by yourself. You’re gonna leave money on the table, so do you research and trust me on this one.

Secondly if you’re going to make a mistake of hiring a discount broker.. the old saying “You get what you pay for”, is absolutely true! And for your most valuable asset, would you really want to call the Walmart of real estate or do you actually want to pay a fair commission, to get the agent that has the experience and a marketing plan to get the job done and on the first time? 

And the third biggest mistakes that sellers make is tat they are not willing to spend a little money to get the home show ready. I know when You’re looking at numbers and the dollars it’s going to take to get your home show ready - five thousand, ten thousand, etc.. I know you’re like, “ehhhh… that sounds like a Lotta money!”. But if you’re talking about a multi million dollar house do you really wanna step over a dollar to save a dime? I dont think so. So spend the money to get the home staged, fresh paint, new carpet - you’d be shocked bu the return on invest by just doing the bare minimum. And I’m not talking about demolishing walls or anything like that.. Just the baiscs will get your home show room ready. You will maximize your value and be so happy at the end of the day that you’ll get more money for your most valuable asset.

Those are my top three seller mistakes ! There are more I’ll be happy to share with you so give me a call or shoot me a email - I’d be happy to chat!

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