Top showing tips when selling your house

Only 10 percent of homeowners keep a house as clean as it needs to be when showing it to potential homebuyers, according to information provided by the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI)

But is it any wonder? Most sellers still live in their homes when it is on the market and their lives go on. Kids track mud inside, pets shed, dishes are dirtied and laundry mounts up. Selling a house and getting ready for a move is time consuming and trying to keep a spotless house at that point is tough. But many real estate professionals say it's worth the effort - a cleaner home will usually sell faster than a dirty one.

So what do you do?

A few things we recommend to our clients is

  1. Do a deep clean! A deep clean will go a long way when it comes to selling your house. We have local, trustworthy professionals we would be happy to recommend. So save yourself time - bring in the professionals. And ask us about what we are offering our sellers when prepping to get their home sold.

  2. Declutter ! Stacks of papers on the kitchen table, family photos on all the walls. Toiletries left on the bathroom sink. Knick knacks on shelves and bookcases. Personal belongings dissuade buyers from imagining themselves living in your home. Work on throwing things out or putting them away!

  3. Have a daily prep list! If you’re living in the home you’re selling, things can get out of place fast. Having a daily list to check off before leaving for the day will help a lot. [download our PDF below for our 10 minute to showtime doc]

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