Riot Blockchain coming to Navarro County?

Yesterday an email was sent about a special announcement from our Mayor Don Denbow - and today people of the community gathered in the local library to discuss the new Busines coming to our community. Which is Riot Blockchain. They are planning to launch a new development of 1 gigawat facility here in Navarro County, texas for bitcoin mining and hosting. Making it the largest bitcoin mining facility in North America ! 

The developments initial phase will see the facility with 400 megawatt of capacity that will develop with immersion- cooled computers on 265 acres of land and is expected to be operational by July of 2023.. Riot anticipates this to create 270 jobs in our local community inside of the developments initial phase and a estimated of 900 total jobs upon completion

I’m curious to know… how do you feel about this coming to our community ? What changes do you see it making for the community and the people here. I want to hear your opinion…

Read additional information here about the company :

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