How to Get into Real Estate: School Choices and Requirements

Hey there, future Texas real estate superstar! 🌟

Ever thought about diving into the thrilling world of real estate? If Texas is where your heart is, here's your ultimate, exciting roadmap to becoming the next real estate sensation.

**Texas Here We Come!**
Guess what? Texas has its own set of rules to make sure you're all set to rock the real estate world. Here's the quick lowdown:

- 180 fun-filled hours of learning (that’s just six 30-hour courses!).
- A test to show off all you've learned. [ State and National ] [ $185 ] 
- A simple application and a small fee to the big bosses at TREC. [ $150 ] 
- A quick background check. They just want to make sure you're as awesome as you say you are!

 **Pick Your School!**

**Champion School of Real Estate**: The Harvard of Texas real estate! If you're looking to invest a bit for top-tier lessons, this is the place. Courses are between $1,000 and $1,700. And hey, you get what you pay for - top-notch stuff! 

**Real Estate School Express (Now the snazzy Calibri Real Estate)**: On a tight budget? No worries! This school gives bang for your buck, with deals ranging from $380 to $560. And trust me, they don’t skimp on the quality. [ This is personally who i went with to get my licenses ] 

**Exploring the Digital Frontier**: Love online surfing? Aceable is another cool choice. Plus, keep an eye on Groupon. Sometimes, they have deals you can't resist, letting you gear up for under $300!

**Time, Money, and Loads of Fun!**

Yep, you heard that right. This journey isn't just about spending a few bucks. It’s an adventure of learning, growing, and having a blast. With online courses, you're the boss of your schedule!

Whether you're splurging on the top schools or saving with the budget-friendly ones, remember one thing: It's your drive and passion that’ll make you shine.

 **Heartfelt Advice From Me to You**

Starting your journey? Here’s my golden nugget of advice: Choose with your heart and head. It's not always about the price tag. Check out the vibes, reviews, and how excited they make you feel about diving into real estate.

And hey, don't forget to make friends in the field. We’re a friendly bunch, and there’s always room for one more shining star.

So, gear up, future agent! Texas is ready for your awesomeness.

Dive in, learn loads, and remember - the real estate world is about to get a whole lot brighter with you in it! 🚀🏠🌟

PS. If you have more questions about getting into real estate, schools or the truth of the field; feel free to reach out to me!

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Email: [email protected]

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