A neighborhood guide to Corsicana

Discovering Corsicana, Texas Like Never Before

Thinking about relocating to Corsicana, Texas? Before you make your decision, let us take you on a unique tour of this captivating city. In this post, you'll discover Corsicana like you've never seen it before!

1. A Google Tour of Corsicana

From the distinct areas within Corsicana to the architectural charm of its average homes, our Google tour will give you an aerial view of the town's layout. You'll get a sense of the average year homes were built and their prevalent price points.

2. Commuting in Corsicana

One of the perks of Corsicana is its connectivity. Whether it's getting to the top amenities, favorite eateries, schools, or hospitals, you'll learn the most convenient routes that residents prefer.

3. Parks and Recreation

Stick around, and by the end of this article, we'll unveil our two top recommended parks in Corsicana. Ideal for solo visits or family outings, these are the green spaces you won't want to miss.

4. Meet Mariah Zuniga of The Texas Living Realty Group

If you're seeking insider knowledge on Corsicana, Mariah Zuniga is your go-to person. A prominent figure with The Texas Living Realty Group in Corsicana, she's aided numerous families and individuals in their transition to this charming Texas town. Whether you're considering a move in a few days or a few months, Mariah and her team are available to assist. Their contact details can be found at the end of this post.

5. What's in Corsicana?

Nestled about an hour south of Dallas and off of 45, Corsicana's location is prime. It's an hour east of Waco and an hour west of Athens, making it strategically placed for both work and leisure. One of Corsicana's unique features is its street naming system. Many streets don't have traditional names but are based on numbers, with directions like West or East added. This layout creates distinct zones within the city, and we'll be breaking down each of these for you.

- Southside of Corsicana

Bordered by 7th Avenue, also known as Highway 31, and the Business 45 Bridge, Southside Corsicana boasts homes averaging $175,000 in value. Typically, homes here are three-bedroom properties, around 1500 square feet in size. With 7th Avenue being the main artery of Corsicana, residents of Southside are just a stone's throw away from numerous restaurants, boutiques, and convenience stores.

- Eastside of Corsicana

Positioned just under the North 45 Bridge, the Eastside offers homes with an average price of $190,000 and a space of about 1300 square feet. One of the highlights of the Eastside is its emerging new construction properties, offering modern amenities and designs.

- Westside of Corsicana

A unique area, the Westside lies between 2nd and 7th Avenues. This part of Corsicana is brimming with streets like West 2nd Avenue and West 6th Avenue, providing residents with a structured, easy-to-navigate grid system.

In Conclusion

Corsicana is a blend of historical charm and modern convenience. Whether you're a prospective resident or just curious about this Texas gem, we hope this guide has given you a comprehensive overview. If you're planning a move, don't hesitate to get in touch with Mariah Zuniga and The Texas Living Realty Group to make your transition smooth and enjoyable!

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