12 Ways To Make Your Offer Standout !

Are you wondering how some of our NON-CASH buyers are getting their offers accepted in this market? 
Need some ideas?
Our most recent buyers have chosen some of these:
Ask the seller what some fo their needs or must aves are and structure your offer accordingly.
Offer a free rent back if the seller needs time to move or even find their next home * this is very common amongst the offers we are submitting* 
Offer to pay a portion or all of the sellers title and escrow fees.
Offer a large amount of additional cash in your offer to cover the gap if the appraisal comes in low.
Include a letter complimenting the home. What did you love about it? Where did you notice the sellers really put effort?
Be aggressive with your offer amount. Submit your highest and best right out of the gates. No escalation clauses. No games. You want this house!
Give the seller a short amount of time to respond [without being a bully] Your agent should advise you on a reasonable time.
Mention that you wont be asking for repairs. Yes! Still perform a inspection for our knowledge only.
Offer a large down payment. This shoes the seller that you are well-qualified and have some extra cash to work with if anything arises mid-transaction. 
Consider non-refundable earnest money. Doing this guarantees the seller that if you walk away from the deal that they are compensated for the time off market. 
Agents - BE KIND!! Be professional. Be extremely organized and sell not only your clients to the sellers, but you as well! Whats your track record? Agents like to work with professional agents - especially in a demanding and fast-paced market.
And lastly - who you hire as your agent truly matters. You want a Realtor who’s been in this market over the last 18 months. Someone who has experienced the intensity and who works well under pressure and who is strong in negotiations. [ we are !]
Our team would love to meet with you! Share out strategy and sit own to work out a plan that will work best you for!
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